Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Obsessed Right Now

I. Need. A. Red. Blazer.

Any help with that?

I love this look!

Hope you all had an amazingly beautiful Tuesday!



Thursday, October 21, 2010

All I want is everything


Listening to: Pickup truck by Kings of Leon and Mean by Taylor Swift (both on repeat)

Sitting: in the library... bah humbug!

Drinking: a green tea latte (mmm)

Looking at: studying asians

Dreaming about: New York City next weekend

Wearing: black yoga pants + a oversized pink wildfox t-shirt

Obsessing over: Horse inspirited jewelry, accessories, clothing! HORSES

Smiling: because I can see changing leaves outside the confines of the library, after today it is the weekend for me, and because I have SO much to be excited about (including great friends)


I hope that these adorable halloween babies brought a BIG smile to your face! I want ALL of them. I want everything ;)



Gypsy Soul

Hello, again...

Living by this, this week! - It's been a rough one...

"You WILL be fine."

Love Gillian's euro style

A girl after my own heart - minus the cig

Never get sick of the micro flannel. I'm really into long skirts but not sure if I, myself, would sport one. I think it's a very put together look though.

How cute is this little lady! I want a camel peacoat sho very badly! This look reminds me of Gossip Girl Season 1 - when all of us at my high school thought it was "SO COOL" that GG girls at Constance repped the same plaid as my catholic high school uniform.

Love the neck tie and color scheme!

This weekend is the Bama game.

Can't wait for some of my best friends to get here!

Next Thursday it's back to the big city I go - I leave for NYC! Interview on Friday!

Wish me luck and prayers,



Thursday, October 14, 2010

Contemporary Beautiful

When you know better, you are better.

-Maya Angelo

we never stop learning.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Concrete Jungle: What Dreams Are Made Of

So I must say... Fall break was a success in a major way! Lots of shopping, people-watching, delicious food, and more importantly, mother daughter bonding time! Ha

It really was great being able to actually spend some one-on-one time with my mom, though. My sister is usually around so this was a great opportunity for us to just have fun together

It was nothing short of a roller coaster ride and I would not have had it any other way.

I now know what all my friends have been gushing about when they talk about "the city that never sleeps." And I most definitely lived up this city's infamous slogan. As soon as my eyes opened I was up and out the door to Starbucks on 5th avenue to hit the town. Even if this meant my mom was still asleep, she was left behind. Sorry bout it.

Loved the hot dog and gyro stands. They had amazing fruit stands, too! Loved hailing cabs. Although mom and I were rarely successful haha - We were not being aggressive enough.

Some of my favorite places we ate were:

Dos Caminos in Meatpacking District - The most amazing pomegranate margarita, fresh table side guacamole, and delicious chicken tacos! Stellar!

Spice Market also in MPD - amazing ginger margarita and great soup!

Tao in Manhattan - Spicy tuna on crispy rice, my all time favorite! And other appetizers that were amazing... and pricey! But worth it.

So many other great places but these were my faves!

Highlight park - A park that was restored after the train track that was once their was demolish ed and the city had a vote for it to be made into a park with trees! Pretty un-real considering it's on the rooftops of Manhattan's high-rises! Love it

Oh the shopping I did in SoHo... (which stands for South of Houston street by the way!) I loved the diversity of stores here. Got tons of great boots for fall!

Pastis in MPD: Sex and the City has been filmed here... and I had my first Manhattan here, as well :) Mom and I were bought some from a few local gentlemen. Ha! First Manhattan while in Manhattan.

Amazing people watching and fashion foreshadowing... I loved every second.

My daily wake up = 5th ave walk to Madison, Park, turn around, go to 6th, go to Starbucks, get mom and I latte's, head back to the hotel to wake her up and go go go!

And so my love affair with NYC begins...

I didn't even mind the honking or incessant traffic. I actually sort of miss it!

Are you allowed to say you're "home-sick" for some place that is not even your home? Or that you have only explored once?

If so, I'm extremely homesick...



Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Glorious Tuesday

Today is Tuesday and I am going home to the ole golden city of Nashville today.

I have fall break this week and I'm going to New York with Sissy. I am so so excited considering it's my first real time in the city that never sleeps!

I have so many fun things planned that I hope to blog about soon.

Until then.. Here are some inspiration for fall fashion and stuff that I just liked :)

Chanel caviar is always a must...
Love this picture. I have two new (but vintage) Harley Davidson t-shirts from the flea market in LA so I think that's why I really gravitated toward this pic though. What a man in that pic!
Oh how I can't wait to wear big comfy sweaters and high boots. But how precious is this little brunette cutie with the black flats and khaki trench? Awww I melt.
This week I think I'll be wearing lots of black jeans and jean shorts with tights like above. I love her use of leopard which I think will be re-appearing in this fall's fashion a lot more than last year. I can't get enough of it. Meeeeee-ow mix.

Really loving the colors of this leather tote. Also mixed with the Chanel-esque knit coat, and again the jean shorts and tights I think will be a reoccurring theme this fall. Her skin is to die for! Such a pretty color. Scarf is a great color!

Studs! Studs! Studs! And gold grommets - going to be all over this year... and hey, gotta love tha double C's ;)

Something I am and always have been a fan of - ARMY GREEN - is back this fall! I have an army coat I cant wait to sport. The motorcycle Balenciaga is gorgeous and the leather pants pull it all together. The boots are pretty wicked, too... I must say I'd love to ad some of those to my closet this week. Jeffery Campbell has some amazing styles for this fall season that I've been lusting over for weeks.... HmmmM

City street style! Can't wait to hail my first yellow cab! Dumb but true.

Obsessed with the neck of this coat. All black is a definite fave of mine with a splash of the leopard. Yumm yum fall weather... And a hot latte from Starbucks would make this scene perfection.

GREEN with ENVY over that gorgeous coat. This fabulous lady does it all right... Classy but short and sweet. The hair is amazing! I'm all about the big volume hair. I like her crocodile bag as well.. I'm taking my vintage Croc bag to NYC this week for when me and mom go to dinner! First time I've ever used it so I'm excited to see how I like it since I've stuck to only shoulder satchels as of late...