Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gypsy Soul

Hello, again...

Living by this, this week! - It's been a rough one...

"You WILL be fine."

Love Gillian's euro style

A girl after my own heart - minus the cig

Never get sick of the micro flannel. I'm really into long skirts but not sure if I, myself, would sport one. I think it's a very put together look though.

How cute is this little lady! I want a camel peacoat sho very badly! This look reminds me of Gossip Girl Season 1 - when all of us at my high school thought it was "SO COOL" that GG girls at Constance repped the same plaid as my catholic high school uniform.

Love the neck tie and color scheme!

This weekend is the Bama game.

Can't wait for some of my best friends to get here!

Next Thursday it's back to the big city I go - I leave for NYC! Interview on Friday!

Wish me luck and prayers,



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