Thursday, January 13, 2011

I have a thing for hot air balloons

Ever since I was a child hot air balloons have mystified me. I love them! A family friend owned one and we would often go to the hot air balloon festivals that were nearby and watch the detailed set-up process. Every now and then, they would let me and my sister tag along while they tethered the balloon. When I was in the air in that wicker basket floating above the city it was an unbelievable feeling. After all, everyone wants to fly anyways right...? It was so magical for some reason.

And oddly enough, one of my most favorite memories as a child is the summer morning I had another encounter with a balloon. A close encounter! I was about seven and my step-sister ran into my bedroom around 7 am (waaaay to early for a summer day). She was saying that there was the strangest noise outside and it was frightening her.

The whole family ran outside to see that it was a hot air balloon! LANDING IN OUR FRONT YARD! They had used our yard for a annual routine test because we had a large front yard without many trees. All of the neighbors came over... many in curlers, pajamas, and robes. It was hysterical. The company that tethered the balloon in my front yard let all of the neighbors go up in the balloon and soon enough, the entire county was at our doorsteps asking for rides because they had seen the rainbow contraption looming above their homes.

So there it went. From then on I had a secret obsession with balloons and seeing the festivals. Many of them took place in a park near my house and I loved to go watch with my dad.

How romaaaaantic would a proposal in a balloon be?? Ah, so awesome. Always been on my bucket list to go on a long adventure in one... Ooooooone day :)

I hope you are having a fantastic day! 



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