Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Daily Musings...

1. Silver Pig I want for my room/house - why... not so sure this is a daily musing ;)

2. If these aren't disco potential I don't know what is - I want them in gold aaaand silver ;)

3. Boba Tea - I love almond milk, green tea, chai and mango - list goes on and on
the best I've had was in Chinatown last time I was in nyc

4. The falsies I wore on NYE - I loved them. Wish they were real. 

5. If I had these disco stairs in my house I think I would pretty much be set... for life

6. The prettiest pair of Louboutin's ever. Turquaaa

7. I cannot wait to be in this city for the summer...

8. Excited/Nervous/Embarrassed Thrilled about the longboard I recently invested in..  

9. This cotton candy table set-up at the Atlanta Market... Delicious!

10. Nutella in general 

11. More specifically the Burnt Marshmellow and Nutella milkshake from FLIP in Atlanta, GA. Wow wow wow.

12. Girl crush on Sienna Miller

13. My Rose ring that is similiar to this one... I wear it everyday

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