Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dream Cars

"She don't believe in shooting stars... 
but she believes in shoes and cars"

There are a few cars that I would just love to have. These are basically the cars I would die to have in my garage one day and are such splurges that they will stay as that: dreams! Here's to dreams...
Many are similar and if you cannot tell, I have a thing for black luxury cars - I secretly would love a black fleet when I'm older. Call me Ms. 007, if you wish

1. Aquada Auto Shoq
When I was 9, I saw an amphibious car at the lake with my dad... Since then I have been so obsessed

2. Gibbs Aquada Humdinga 4x4
In the same respect as the Aquada, this is pretty much like a hummer for water. Gimmie gimmie

3. Lamborghini Reventon 
A classic and truly beautiful, fast car

4. Porche Carrera GT
Fast, fast, fast

5. Land Rover Defender 2008
This is my ultimate dream car but...  

6. Land Rover Defender 1995
...I think that I am even more obsessed with the 1995 version

7. 1967 Mustang Convertible
So classic. Ultimate convertible

8.  Jeep Wrangler 
And now a more realistic whip,
The car that I am literally pining over on a daily basis...

 ... this one is a 1997, I believe
 but I even love the 1993 body type
 I hope to have this car in the very near future as a fun car... I am obsessed!



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  1. I can see why you pine over number 8….that's a great off road vehicle!