Monday, February 7, 2011

Gypsy Soul

Sometimes I wish I lived in an airstream, 
Homemade curtains lived just like a gypsy

Break a heart, roll out of town
'Cause gypsies never get tied down

Sometimes I wish I lived on a mountain,
Drank from a stream instead of a fountain

I'd stay there, top of the world, 
But I was born a red dirt girl 

Unbridled and tethered and tied,
The safety of the fence or the danger of the ride

I'll always be unsatisfied

"Airstream Song" by Miranda Lambert

Pictures: Sophie Srej by Camilla Armburst for L'Officiel February 2011




  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE your interpretation of the airstream song. . check out our interpretation on miranda's actual airstream -

  2. Thank you! I loved that post of yours - your blog is great! Glad you showed me
    xx, Caroline