Monday, February 14, 2011

A Visit To Charleston

Tellis Pharmacy

Beautiful colors of Charleston

little blue bike


255 for rooftop brunch

Frolicking at the custom house

All American Home 

My personal favorite...

the secret garden

How great is this house?

This guy was letting these little girls play on his guitar... my heart melted

pink and white 



Wedding guard

The most precious wedding setup - This picture does not do it justice... We passed by it again at night and it literally took my breath away. There were candles everywhere!


Open faith. Open hearts. Open minds. 


If I were a house, I would want to be this one. 30 Queen St.


Don't even *THINK* of parking here!


Down by the water with my angel...

Solo shot

The theater from The Notebook... So much of the movie was filmed in Charleston. Where is Noah?

I hove my wayZzzz
You don't even go here
 Me: Hide your kids hide your wife 
Cop: they're raping everyone around here
I didn't even want to come to the dollar!!!
Mischa Barton in Sense
Snow... Snow... Snow... SNOOOOWWW!
Abraham Lincoln = Playa
You loookie like you smokey da mareewanna
Paulaaaaa Deannn

& many many more



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