Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bath Tubs Are A Girl's Best Friend

There are very few things that please me and relax me as much as a long, hot, bath.... 
Say it with me: aaaaaaaaaaahhhh. It is the very best way to relax and end a day. 

Sound fabulous to you? One day- I will definitely have a fantastic and luxurious bath tub. It may be indoors or it may be outdoors. It may be white, it may be black. Here are a few that inspire me and forced me to turn my very own tub on as hot as it will go, light some candles, put on some music... and forget about everything else*

1. The White Claw

2. The Silver Subway Bucket

3. The At-home Spa

4. Simplicity 

5. The Way It Should Be

6. The Princess Tub

7. Tiki Tub + Hot Tub *I don't hate it

8. Olympic Sized Tub

9. Eat. Pray. Bathe.

10. Rainy Tub - Oh. My Word. 

11. The Way They Used To Do Baths

Go run a bath, un-wind, and thank me later ;) 




  1. Please tell me you have visited polyvore.com?!?! If not is addictively amazing - dangerously so!!!:)

  2. oooh yes! polyvore is my favorite guilty pleasure when I am bored! so addicting :)