Wednesday, December 15, 2010

An amazing week with my best friends...

Today I got home from a wonderful little stint to my all-time favorite getaway... Naples, FL

I have been going to this southern florida escape my entire life and it holds so many precious memories to me! It just so happens that several of my other friends have houses there and we've been able to coordinate going at the same times during holidays. This holiday I went with all girls to Kat's condo. It was so much fun. 

Here is a small taste of the fun that was had...

Christmasy condo + Palm tree heaven!

How could this get old?

A few of the ole' canoes at Hamilton Harbor Yacht Club

Chris Craft

A favorite part of the trip, for me, was riding this Chris Craft. It was stunning. The mahogany hull boats are so classy and beautiful. I was so happy when we walked up! I had always wanted to ride in one...  

A lighthouse automatically reminds me of my grandmother, what a fun reminder! 

"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, "What! You too?!" I thought I was the only one"
-C.S. Lewis

Bundled up on the Chris Craft! (Such a gorgeous boat) - So cold. So worth it. 

I love this picture! Shrimp's little jig makes me smile!

Our little trail to sea shell exploration...

On the hunt for the perfect shell...

Feeling like the only one on the beach is a liberating thing... 

Here are a few I collected. Marcel the shell's cousins. 
The large shell is going to act as a catch all for my jewelry...

So relaxing...

Such a refreshing glass of sangria! mmmm! Fun fact: did you know "sangria" is also Spanish for "blood?" hence the red coloring... 

We did a little shopping... 

One day I will have a trunk similar to this one in my house... Just wait~

New coined term for plastic old ladies... "Mice"

I love starfish

Nothing like a morning walk on the Naples sand.. However the temperatures were close to freezing.. I still somehow enjoyed it because of the beautiful scenery!

Some funny memories I will never forget:
Friends at Burn
$1 Spray tan - do I look OR-ange?
Them re-arranging for the picture
Blue Martini old men
Sara's pilot - going to fly her around the world
"Go home PEEEumP"
Are. You. SERIOUS?! - Lady riding bike in middle of the road
Claaaaaaassiiicc Pig
Spending 30 minutes trying to figure out how to make coffee
Kat and I's acting class. Dying laughing. 
Pretending to get sucked out of apartment + car because of wind
Advice giving over sushi dinners

Advice for when you do not want to be with someone anymore:
-BYE. BYE. BUH-BYE!!! Don't call me. Don't text me. Don't e-mail me. If you think about me a year from now.... 

So many more great memories...
Until next time Naples.. I'll miss you!



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