Thursday, December 2, 2010

Love and Other Drugz

Last week I went to see Love and Other Drugs. I was so excited to see it... and it did not disappoint! Maaaaybe it was the fact that Jake Gyllenhal was less than a mile away from me at Whole Foods in the Hill Center in Nashville shopping with his new lady friend, Miss Taylor Swift, that made the rush of this movie just that much better to me? Or... maybe it was just down-right good. I'm going to go with a mixture of the two ;)

There was definitely more nudity than I expected. I was surprised especially considering the actor and actress, however, it was done tastefully. The movie sent a good message to viewers, made you laugh, made you cry and was intriguing seeing as he is a drug rep and will do almost anything to sell his product... until he meets her.

Anne Hathaway is such a fantastic actress. She plays a young woman with young on-set Parkinson's disease. She really did a great job portraying the disease. She has definitely flourished into herself since The Princess Diaries (classic fav of mine of course!!).

I'd have to say the best part of the entire film is the realistic element of the story-line. They were not suppose to fall in love... but they did. They both teach each other to take new risks. So simple, yet so beautiful.

When Jamie (Gyllenhall's character) tells Maggie (Hathaway) that he loves her... I about fell out of my seat. But don't worry - I kept my composure. [What a scene that would have made!] But in all seriousness... It was just so real - The way real people expose to someone that they truly love them. It hit close to home with me. She thinks he is having a heart attack - but really he is just trying to bare himself to her and tell her that he is sure he loves her. He couldn't hold it in another second. And the visual revelation of that is so truthful.

I hope it gets some award nods this year! Go see it ~ Thank me later!

P.S. Happy December! 



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