Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Weekend in NYC - nothin' better

Views like this make you take every street corner for granted! Beautiful


I like to dance all night, summons the day

Happy Halloween!


Coming into the city!  

Walking through SoHo and there he is: The man. The Myth. The Legend. Lil' Jon  

A fabulous trip to NYC's ABC interior decor store! 

We may have lounged on 95% of ever couch we came across - they were so fabulous! Aaaand we couldn't resist to rest our feet. 

Ruffles-Ruffles-Ruffles I love.

Rugs for daze*

A trip to Economy Candy in the Lower East Side - both an AMAZING idea and a HORRIBLE idea

Then on to a party at CV night club... which coincidentally was right across the street from ECONOMY CANDY! The theme of the party was "Masquarade" - we didn't hate it! 


"Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths"

If only I could put up all the pictures from this night... to much! 

MASK-a-raid kisses! :-*

Sassiest pair you'll ever meet

Always Always Laughing!

New York State of Mind

Egg and pesto sandwich on whole grain bread, Nutella French Toast and fruit, and Apple Cider Mimosas @ Penelope's on Lexington... So extravagant. So good.  

Pink Ladder = Modern Christmas Tree 

 A trip to Soho: this blouse-y shawl Had Me at Hello...

Flat Iron District~

Canvas combat boots I purchased while there!

Make Up Forever - Once again... addicted to the sparkly things in life *

Top Hats & Headdresses

The Red Lipstick... Enough said

All eyes on me in the center of the ring just like a circus- 

My view on Halloween - the Chrysler Building in the distance!

The indian and the ringleader - what a winning combo... ha! 

What an amazing trip! It's impossible for Kitty and I not to have fun and laugh together. The best!



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