Thursday, November 18, 2010

Look A-Lively!

I think Blake Lively is just fantastic. Yes, she is on one of my favorite television shows - and maybe one of the most provocative and funny dramas of our decade, but she is more than just a pretty face. A New York lady by way of California, she is versatile in many ways. Can live on either side of the country, can put on any couture line and look like a million bucks. You know... the girl next door? That is if you live next to gorgeous model-like twenty-somethings. Yeaaaah, me neither. 

Anyways - I think she is gorgeous and poised. She exudes classy. 
Not only does she get to wear the most luxurious and dreamy threads ever but she wears them so well! She literally makes every piece look like a designers dream. (Afterall, Christian Louboutin recently named a SHOE after the girl!) She is the quintessential fashion"it girl."

Above: Having a major Marchesa moment! 

In all the interviews I've seen with her she is so humble and modest. I find that so so attractive in all people but especially celebrities! Here are a few pictures of the pretty lady. I think I also like her a lot because she has a malti-poo that looks just like Bella but a little smaller and a dark apricot color. 

Blake just hanging with pal and fashion-savant Karl Lagerfield of Chanel 

RIP Penn & Blake - It's not over till the credits roll

Shopping in the city. Normal? 

Blake with Penny - Her teacup maltipoo. A girl after my own heart. I. dieeeee!



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