Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's all about the Nookie*

Well... It looks as though Limp Bizkit was right... It's "All About the Nookie!" 
Man oh man this collection is so fun and wearable.  

May I present to you some of my favorite looks from Nookie at RAFW 2010/2011

What's not to love about this collection:
What I love about this collection:

  1. The fantastic punches of colors, orange being my absolute favorite
  2. The long sweaters with short mini-dresses and shorts - the gauzy fabric is so flattering
  3. Floral - It doesn't get old! Especially for spring and summer
  4. Sateen-like fabrics make everything more luxurious and special
  5. Belted ensembles pull the outfit together, perfectly
  6. Perfect basic nude pumps and booties with each outfit
  7. Taupe and grey flowy basics, especially with the baby pink dress and pastels 
  8. Lace, again... more luxury - Do not hate that one little bit.
  9. How did they make those gorgeous black sequined pants look like comfy yoga-pants is BEYOND me and I want a pair. PRONTO! 
  10. You mix sparkles + florals + lace + comfort = happy happy ladies!
I want every single outfit! Problem! 



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  1. Nookie is mucho Lookie
    And off limits to a Rookie