Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Oh Mickey, You So Fine! Hey, Mickey!

Mickey Mouse is and always has been an iconic character in American history. I've seen more and more of Mickey lately. Whether it be on t-shirts, bags, sweatshirts... Mickey is back-in-action more than ever! And I love it. 

Last sumer while living in LA I was able to learn about the evolution of the cartoon of Mickey and how the cartoon character made his big break. Quite interesting, I must say! 

Mickey was first drawn and created by famous cartoonist, Ub Iwerks, around 1925. He is also famous for drawing the other iconic cartoon... Oswald the Rabbit!  

I was lucky enough to have dinner with his granddaughter, Leslie Iwerks, a famous documentary director, at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles with some friends. This is when my interest for Mickey Mouse had made it's return. I loved hearing the entire process and progress of Mickey the cartoon. I thought it was so interesting to hear that he was so much more than a Disney character on vintage t-shirts from the past. He's also more than just that little guy who flirted with Minnie on Saturday mornings in cartoons I watched with my Dad.

But here I am again - Regressed and obsessed with all things Mickey ~ More specifically, these fun indie-twist on the mouse ears! They are a fun and ironically edgy accessory to be a great topic of conversation anywhere you go. I would love some some with sequins all over them for Christmas! 

Go get a little mousey; thank me later! ;)


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