Friday, July 9, 2010

Caught a glimpse of my prince charming...

Last night I ended up getting a late start. Samantha, Lucas, and I went to Izakaya for dinner and drinks. We then proceeded on to Voyeur. At first, we only wanted to go to get her ID and credit card but we found our way in all too quickly. I was not dressed for the occasion because apparently jeans at a club is odd? Note to self: wear short dress next time. So we mosey on in and then head outside for some... "fresh air." (and not to mention the best people watching in Hollywood) - We strike up conversations with a couple of people from London and some movie producers. Then, the flashes from the paparazzi cameras outside go wild. Who's there? None other than Ashton Kutcher. Here is a link to the video of us lurking in the background. You can hear Samantha say "SHUT..." before even being able to say "up!" haha - so funny. We also saw the cute blonde girl from Aquamarine, Sarah Paxton. She was sweet. More to come later... but for now... all things Disney Pixar...


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