Wednesday, July 28, 2010

DJ got us falling in love

Last night was a great night. I mean this entire trip has been filled with amazing nights that never cease to amaze me. But last night... was chill but very fun!

Jason picked me up and we went to his place to wait for Sam and Patricia. They were sweet girls so I was glad I, ahem, came... haha

I've just been thinking about how weird and awkward it is when someone famous introduces themselves. Like what do you say? "Oh yes I know who you are..." very awkward.

Last night we arrive to My Studio on Hollywood next to Geisha House and getting to the door I see Frankie from The Hills. Of course I look for his Hills counterparts and I see him standing with Lauren just chillin. We go inside and she introduces herself "Hey I'm Lauren" (that awkward instance happens here...) and I'm like "Hey I'm Caroline nice to meet you" then she is excited and says "I love your nailpolish!! I just painted mine baby blue the other day!"

Very funny.

We got to sit with some of Jason's friends at their table where they showered us with all of the beverages we wanted. I have had the best luck while here in LA with stuff like this. I've never not had a table to sit at. I am scared I've been spoiled rotten!

We were going to have our own table but good ole Ray J was there shooting his new show "The Family Business" for VH1 - JOY! haha sighting #2 of my boy RAY. It was funny because we didn't want to sign a waver saying we could be on the tv show so we steered clear of the seats up top. The girls looked like hookers anyways... Not gonna lie.

ANYways the music and dancing was soo good and fun. I had a blast.

Meeeting LC was the icing on the cake.

Good good night.

Besides the awkwardness at the end that is... muhahaha

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