Sunday, July 18, 2010

Elizabeth and Airey invade LA!

What a weekend. I'm honestly at a loss for words.

Here is a few of the memories:
  • Rides in Goldy Hon (Goldie Hawn)
  • The antenna and radio situation
  • Having to wait at Katana, rude hostess
  • Voyeur... old geeks
  • "nursing homes by day, partying by night"
  • take your jacket off for tha pic
  • since you wouldn't sit on my lap i got us the bigger table
  • street performers in venice
  • fefora
  • my headband
  • sitting on the roof, leaving cups on top
  • missing cup on the downstairs couch
  • talking cat
  • iamdaman88
  • Stephen
  • Kevin aka keith
  • Hotel Roosevelt bc Keven invited us
  • Keith's bathing suit
  • Keith spilling champagne on airey
  • Meeting the asians
  • Rick
  • David sees us taking a pic
  • they come sit with us and we exchange sunglasses
  • Izayaka for dinner, airey's pink sake
  • me crying for the cab driver, i can be an actress
  • winnie the pooh (twice)
  • Edwooouard LovaLova
  • Can you dig it?
  • lingo, the hang of it
  • Asians... picking us up? Without Jason?
  • Jasons apartment, gay roomie
  • Off to hyde we go... taking lots of pics?
  • Wait, we have to hold hands? you're with HIM! and you with HIM!
  • Colony hahahaha
  • Roosevelt hotel... lobby
  • Creeps speaking in Hebrew
  • French boys
  • "You weren't into you were her" "Not at all."
  • Locked out at 3am
  • i wish i was okay with stealing
  • Chin chin stupid waitor
  • disco nap
  • headbands
  • pent-house

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