Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A run down of my days so far... warning: rambling

Life in LA has been absolutely fabulous... I have been journaling about it all but I decided I would blog it in a cliff-note version! I've been in Los Angeles since June 26th. It feels like it has been months, yet only moments since I got off that plane at LAX (...with a dream and my card-i-gan)

Saturday 26th
-arrived in LA around 4 after a layover in Phoenix
-mom and I watched the World Cup and ate pizza
-Dropped luggage off at the hotel
-Went straight to dinner at Izakaya (I was DYING for some crispy rice with spicy tuna... yum!)
-After dinner I showed mom Outpost and took her to the lookout on Muholland
-Pinkberry for dessert!

Sunday 27th
-Mom went running and I was freaking out about finding a different place to live so got on craigslist frantically and literally e-mailed 40 people about their subleases
-Finally came across an adorable apartment... ding ding ding! this was the one
-Went to see it; corner of Wilshire and Fairfax (in the middle of everything! perfect location)
-Met Gold and loved her, mom did too so we said signed the deal
-We met up with Tim here and then went to see where I would be working in Burbank
-Ate an amazing Brazillian restaurant on Sunset
-Pinkberry again for dessert
-Went to the Grove: forever21, nordstrom, anthropologie (to get last minute stuff for work of course ;)
-Back to the new apartment! yay!
-Sat on the porch and talked on the phone before bed

Monday 28th
-First day at Digisynd!
-10am took the tour!
-Met everyone "Hey, I'm Caroline.. the new intern!"
-Dinner at Brazilian restaurant again! soo yummy

Tuesday 29th
-Mom leaves at 5am (2 hours too early for her flight she comes to learn hahah... typical!)
-Ran to Kitson and the Grove
-Loved being on my own in the city! felt very very adult-ish
-Dinner at Farmer's Market... so exhausted!

Wednesday 30th,
-Starbucks... a morning staple
-Ran by Kitson... again... uhoh
-Whole Foods for dinner!
-Clayton picked me up and we went down to his place in downtown LA
The place was in the Evo, such amazing views so we chilled on the patio and by the pool! Such a great view of the entire city!

-Dinner at Katsuya with Kelsey, Taylor, Mattie and Keri
-Les Deux (Ray J's birthday party was there, too apparently) haha
-I got invited to VIP by Ray J so sat with him and Ne-Yo (so sick of love songs, so tired of tears)

Ray J: ya ya I gotta thing for you southern girls (after hearing me say "y'all" ugh...)
Me: Wait. Didn't you have a show on VH1 to help ya with that?!
Ray J: Oh dang, gurl with attitude huh?
Me:........ crickets............

-got off early!
-Dinner at Ketchup with Samantha and Hannah!
-Voyeur for the first time (so so much fun)
I was a little thrown off by the dancers but it was amazing nonetheless..
Lindsay Lohan was "punched" at Voyeur the night before at her birthday party.. bless
-We met this crazy cool dude named Eman, he wore black lipstick and a huge white fur coat saying... "don't call PETA, whateverrrr you do"
-Clayton and Peterson came and picked me up, I went back downtown with them
-Met Wes.. who was soon to be named "The Cherub" aka The Precious Angel
-"GUrl can I get the four one one. that fourhundredandeleven, c'mon gurl"

Saturday July 3rd:
-Went Yachting in Newport with Gold and Nathan!
-Movie producer of The Butterfly Effect's boat!
-Met club owners, actresses and producers and writers... so neat
-Stayed in because i was EXHAUSTED from the day and night before!

Sunday July 4th:
-Newport with Samantha, Hannah and Spencer!
-Lady Liberty
-Shark shot
-hitch hiking the PCH
- Meeting crazies on the way to the beach
-I drove back
-Took a tiger snooze
-Samantha and Hannah come over and we take a cab to the Evo!
-Wes, Clayton and Peterson were prunes from the pool all day, goobz
-Hungout on the porch and laughed until Samantha and Clayton got into a small altercation hahaha

Monday July 5th:
-no work!
-cleaned and shopped on Melrose
-Met Jess for lunch!
-$45 Fryee boots Orig: $500!!!!

-Dinner with Samantha at Izakaya
-Tried to get her ID back but Voyeur wasn't opened :(

-car wouldn't start from work... awesome

-Met Ashton Kutcher!!!!!! sooo hot!
-Sarah Paxton (Aquamarine)

-shopping at Kitson
-Voyeur at 11
-Met McLovin at Voyeur!!! what a precious angel
-Went to random comedy dude's house
-Lucas and he argue hahahahaha
-Lucas gets wastey, Samantha leaves us, thanksssss girrrrlfrand

-Venice beach!
-Venice crazy man at lunch
-Snarling man
-They got henna tat's
-I got home EXHAUSTED but went to see Karate Kid with KP!
I likeed it but it was a weeee bit long!


-Pregamed at Samantha's
-British accents on key of course
-so so so much fun
-sat with my new budz, oh hayyy
-then got home to a little puppy in my closet!

-went to Izakaya and got pick up for dinner!
sooo delicious!
-relaxed and killed ants with Gold and Nathan hahaha

Very excited for ET and Airey to come on Thursday! I'm planning away at all the fun things we will do :) :) Goodnight loves

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